Re: UBITx V4 Low audio output 80-40-20 #audiocircuit

_Dave_ AD0B

I used a surplus computer speaker/amp. Since the input of this unit is usually a headphone jack, line out, I used  the speaker output to drive it.

Removed all the controls, power, volume and external jacks to make the board more compact. Set the gain of the amp board mid way with fixed resistors. Found a spot on the left side of the indian cabinet and wired and bolted it on stand offs. The cabinet drills easily . The headphone jack is still at the same level but the speaker is much louder. Not sure of the brand or anything.  Was in a junk box.

To keep it simple just use a computer amp/speaker without modification and plug it into the headphone jack. 
Raduino bracket and Ham_Made_Keys

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