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On Thu, Apr 9, 2020 at 04:05 PM, Jim Sheldon wrote:
Since there have been a few posts on people having occasional troubles assembling the V6 "Full Kit" and for some reason they don't seem to be able to find the instructions (plain sight) on HF Signals website, I took the time to write up a fairly comprehensive construction manual for the V6 and did this while actually assembling the last one I bought.

I took photos during the process and tried to show the major points to help keep people out of trouble doing what should be a really straight-forward build.  I sent the PDF file to Ashhar Farhan who liked it and asked if they could print and include it with every kit they sold.  I gave him that permission but then the COVID 19 Virus hit and everyone is locked down.

Here is the PDF of that manual for anyone that needs it and I'm also going to upload it to the Files section of this group.

It will also be available on the TSW website, in the files section under "documentation" to make it fairly easy to find.  The manual is NOT copyrighted and may be freely reproduced/distributed but if you do, please leave it intact and submit any suggested changes or improvements to me (the author/photographer) via email direct (w0eb at cox dot net).

Thanks and I hope this helps clarify the build of this pretty decent kit.  Also, for the information of all, I have NO affiliation with HF Signals whatsoever, and I purchase the uBITX kit(s) just like everyone else at the full price on the website.

Jim Sheldon, W0EB
TSW Project Coordination

 Okay, nice work but if there are some diffrences are with the measuring like mine, screen and arduinodoes not fit wel, i have to pull up the screen from the mainboard aprox 5 to 6 mm, maybe some contacts wil not work wel😏😏 but then again, nice work. Regards

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