Ubitx V5 Low audio and No SSB #ubitx-help #v5

Praba Karan

Recently I assembled ubitx V5 in  cabinet after a year long wait in my shack.
Ubitx V5, CEC v1.2 firmware Nextion display, modified bafeong mic.

Receiver working nice but with low audio like in V4.
During just pressing PTT, ubitx consuming about 1.2 amps at 12v, but it is not varied with sound in mic. Loud ' hhhelloooo' do not vary current consumed.

Also noted  during  just  pressing PTT, my swr/power meter displaying stable power output of 3 watts. 
I checked mic bias voltage, which is 7.8 volt.

Help me to identify root cause of these issues.

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