Re: uBitx V5 can't make a contact on ft8


Thanks for the replies! It sounds like my first thing to do is to get it up higher. My best option will be from the top of my roof. 

Does anyone have success with putting this an antenna right on or just above a cement tile roof? I think if i pull it tight from the top to my pergola again, it will be touching to several feet above it on the angle to it. If I decide to leave it slack, it would just be resting on it.

I'm guessing it might not be ideal, but a lot better to be up twice as high or so as it is now, even near the roof.
If that doesn't result in some contacts I'll get a swr meter (maybe I'll get one anyway) to check if I need to make any adjustments to this antenna. 

I'm still waiting for an antenna adapter for my V6 but am interested in setting it up for FT8.  So exactly how did you disconnect the PTT connection on the dongle?I'm not sure how the dpdt switch is connected or when you would activate it.  Sorry for being such a dummy.
I didn't do anything special, (maybe I should have?) although maybe this explains why sometimes when I plug in this way from my usb sound card my radio will just start rapidly switching on and off tx, but it doesn't always do this, only sometimes depending on who knows what? haha I'm the dummy not you :)

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