Re: BITX 14MHz Build #bitx20

Arv Evans

If you are not using a Bitx pcb, then your question is questionable.  Build instructions are for using a bitx pcb.  For one-off builds using manattan or ugly method you just need to decide your own layout and construction sequence.

Arv. K7HKL

On Tue, Apr 7, 2020, 6:58 AM Aaron Scott via <> wrote:
Hello everyone,
I'm going to start building the BITX 14MHz build. It's going to be my first homebrew transceiver project so I will be learning as I go. The instructions say to solder the transistors first but since this is my first go around, I'm not really sure where I should put them on the PCB. I'm going to use Manhattan construction using the QRPme Little MeSquares. So if anyone has any tips or pointers for a newbie, I will be greatly appreciated.  

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