Re: uBitx V5 can't make a contact on ft8


Hello Gavin,
Certainly you will have a better experience if you can get you antenna up, as high as possible.  I am a beginner as well.  My antenna performed great when I was able to get it up 50 to 60 feet in the air.

Good Luck Scott

On Mon, Apr 6, 2020 at 11:45 PM Gavin <gdesplin@...> wrote:
I just got things set up to try to do some FT8 with my uBitx v5. I am new to HF in general and have yet to make a QSO.
I can receive fine, but says only 6 reports for my about an hour session tonight, all a in the same state a couple states away. To get that I had to get my computers clocked synced up as it was a couple seconds off. I am using CAT control and two simple audio cables from a usb sound card directly plugged into mic and phone on my radio, which is running off power from a 12v SLA battery.
My antenna is a MFJ-1984LP EndFed 1/2 Wave strung up 12 ft about in the air from a tree to my pergola, slightly sloping up. I have it grounded as well. This is my best guess as the problem, but I've heard others on here get much better results with similar setups I think. Its supposed to be a no-tune antenna, but I have no swr meter to confirm it has a low swr level like its supposed to.

Anyone have any tips or ideas? I'm a brand new beginner at all this. Thanks very much.

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