Re: S-Meter on Nextion Display


I just got mine s meter working, well kinda sorta. The s meter moves and the cw decoder sometimes decodes. It took me a few days to figure out the wiring, i didn’t see this post till after been done. 

One part that confused me quite a bit was that all the diagrams i saw show the nextion on pins 5 and 6 on the raduino. Im pretty sure that on v6 with the 2.8 screen header the nextion hooks onto pins 5 (which you tap for the s meter) and pin 11 with the blue wire. That’s how i had it hooked up before adding the s meter. 

Also a4 and a5 on the raduino, i could not figure out if they come out to a pin on the board. The only thing i found was near q1 on the raduino, which seemed like dead ends with test points. 
I ended up soldering header pins on the back of the raduino board were the header pins for the arduino are soldered. 

I do like the way you mounted your s meter nano. Right now mine is hanging by wires, and i soldered the resistors and cap directly to it. I think this is a good excuse to try my hand at etching a board to mount the second nano and have the resistors and cap smd mounted. 

Is there a specific way to figure out the numbers on the bitx manager. I put on there 4 at the lowest and 254 at the highest, then with the tool made is visually linear. The meter is responding, but i don’t know how accurate. 
and the cw decoder all it sees is e’s and t’s for the most part, even tho i was able to see some words get decoded earlier today. 

I’ll be checking this thread, because is the only one i found so far with the s meter on a v6. 

Thank you

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