Drill hole in uBITX PCB... safe?

Rob French (KC4UPR)

I'm looking to mount a 4x6 piece of copper clad board above the back half of my uBITX on standoffs, to provide a mounting surface for some additional circuits.  However, there are only two existing mounting points for standoffs (i.e. the two rear holes in the uBITX board).  So what I'm proposing is to drill a third hole in a position that would provide for some additional support for the additional PCB.  

The uBITX PCB is just two layers, right, top and bottom?  So if I drill in a place where there is ground plane on both sides (double and triple check first) I should be good... or is there something I'm missing?

I'm looking at drilling in the location I've circled in the attached photo.  It's in the ground plane right between where I've got the BCI filter and the AGC board installed.

Thoughts?  Again, this is to install a purely mechanical standoff.  An alternative (less invasive) is to use a plastic standoff, and just anchor it to the uBITX board with some hot glue (but it would still be screwed into the upper board.


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