Re: My new V6 and what I learned from this group


Thanks for the suggestions.  As for RF leakage, I'm in a situation where my dummy load is in a different state so can't do that.  I also have an issue with grounding since I'm in a condo with limited access to 'ground.'  But my other HF rigs seem to be OK with the same feed line. 

And I'd like to get a new volume control but with nothing being shipped from India at this time (and who knows for how long), that is probably out of the question.  I've inspected the solder on the control and they look fine under magnification.  Not a difficult job to replace if/when that becomes a viable option.  In the mean time, I'm trying to find a good speaker as that MIGHT be part of the volume issue.  I'm going to try spraying the control next to see if that will help.

Thanks again, this group is a great source of info for us, especially those with limited technical knowledge.

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