Re: My new V6 and what I learned from this group


About the static noise with the volume knob: i had my ubitx v6 running with factory software and hardware for about a week just fine with no noise or static. 
After getting lost doing the calibration, decided to download and reinstall the factory software again. 
Then is was when the static issue on the vol knob presented itself. 

It would only happen when i touched the knob. But if i touched the knob while touching the antenna connector it would stop. The weird thing is that it would only stop by touching the antenna while holding the knob, i tried touching various ground points and no change. 

Last week i changed to the nextion 2.8 and the cec software and the issue dissapeared. I did this on a spare arduino, so i still have the stock one loaded with the factory stuff. 
Once i get everything situated with the cec software, i want to go back and look into the static issue, since to me it seems to be software related. 


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