uBitx v.4 build information


Like some other folks, I have an unbuilt v.4. I've waited to build it until the dust settled over the fix for the harmonics and spurs. I've begun putting it together and realized how hard it is to find good information specific to the v.4. Not because it isn't there but because at the time the fixes and mods were written up they weren't identified as v.4. I'm not saying anyone was lacking in any way, it was the current version and people wrote issues, mods, and fixes. They didn't know that we'd later have a v.6 that was quite different from the v.4. 

Based on a comment by Curt in an earlier post (ubitx 4 - want a fresh start, need guidance) he posted a link with some great uBitx v.4 build information.             https://k3pzn.net/ubitx/

I just wanted to put it here with an easily searchable title for other v.4 builders


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