v6 lock up (one way of spelling it!!)


Having read Evan Hands input to my problem for which i thank him and other contributors  here goes      the v6 will turn on  and light up   screens shows mode bands    available frequency   and keyer speed 12wpm  690 hz   plus version no 6.1         audible hiss from speaker  but no response from rotary encoder     if set is turned on while the rotary encoder is held down the screen shows "click on the cross" but does not  respond      the pre installed software has not beeN changed it is as is from hfsignals    the set is running on 12v and shows just under  0.4 on an amp it does receive a signal on the frequency  as shown on the screen a vfo  7035.00      if the key is plugged in there is no response to it or the mike when operated      when keyed the a speaker hiss is also not interupted by mike or key and there is  no increase of current draw either         so now where next  any ideas  most welcome                  many thanks  dave c   GW0NVF

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