Re: My new V6 and what I learned from this group

Evan Hand

Per your description, I would suspect that it is RF feedback into the rig.  Try transmitting into a dummy load. I had the issue with my off-center feed dipole.  Had to ground the rig better, and then put a common mode chock on the coax cable feeding the shack.  That did it for me.

As to the volume control, I would send an email to HF Signals explaining the issue and request a replacement. It will mean removing the control from the boar and replacing it.  I do not have a v6, so I cannot comment on how difficult that would be.

Other things to try:
- inspect the solder joints of the volume control with a magnifying lens.  Touch up any that look suspicious 
- try spraying the volume control with contact leaner and see if that helps.

The above are just suggestions.  Others may have some to add.

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