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Ken Hansen

Opinions vary, news of Elon Musk's latest exploits have never been covered here before - I see no reason to start now.

Do we want to start debating the suitability of a first-time medical device maker going from blank sheet of paper to respirator in a hospital ICU without *any* meaningful regulatory review in two weeks?

Typically the goal of international groups such as this one is to remain apolitical and avoid discussions of topics that only affect one region By staying on topic. (Remember the "CA State is shutting down all repeaters" scare? The "France wants to eliminate the 2m band" scare? In my opinion those discussions didn't belong here either, thought they were arguably Amateur Radio-related, unlike the Elon Musk link.) This group has a specific purpose on it's homepage:

"This group exists for constructors of the various BITX projects, to discuss all aspects of the design and construction including problems, components, modifications and experiences using the rigs."

My vote is to stay on-topic, but mine is only one of the 7,833 voices on this reflector. I'll happily reconsider if/when I hear Elon has ordered a uBitx has had some feedback or improvements on the design.

Ken, N2VIP

On Mar 23, 2020, at 18:50, AndyH <awhecker@...> wrote:

Where do you recommend?  I personally think this is a fantastic place for updates because one has to be alive to solder and operate.  Maybe there's an operating mode I'm missing, though. This international group could use all the good news it can get, is my guess.

73, Andy

On Mon, Mar 23, 2020 at 05:43 PM, Ken Hansen wrote:
Is there no better forum to share this information?

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