Gordon Gibby

Thanks to many of you who have stepped up and are deluging with offers of help. Sem has a place where you sign up, and I don’t understand all of that, but he is used to managing projects. all I did was keep people asleep & alive

We took the very prototype system and hooked it to a mechanical test lung and ran it from an air compressor and here is a video of it working. After a few seconds I finally realized I needed to turn to the right so you could see the valve & the ventilator. This particular model uses a fancy balloon inside to shut off the expiratory port during inspiration. However the electronics I built can control a second valve on expiration as well

This simple system is actually very useful— And it’s the kind of technology that ham radio guys understand.

Thanks for all of the interest.
Having a manufacture like Ashar and software engineers and guys with lots of experience will help out a lot. I suspect my little part is finished


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