Re: Antenna Question #antennas #v3



Let's see what that 20m dipole will do. Keep the other advice in reserve, including any opportunity for portable operation parks etc. Now if that adjacent cable weren't used anymore maybe it could come down.

Bill et al

QSK. I still have my hw16, but it wasn't used this winter. Its qsk is remarkable for a simple c.1970 beginner receiver. I know Bill has a pfr3 with decent qsk. The QCX is amazing with its hardware direct conversion,  image canceling receiver. I just built the companion PA for it. DSP some of the commercial rigs are amazing, yes some use dedicated processing not a pc. Certainly there are hobbist examples, the world awaits the qsx. My nicest simple rig might be this Cyclone from 4stateqrp.

73 curt

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