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Jack, W8TEE

Obviously, there's a lot of stuff here, but also check out the web site as well as

Jack, W8TEE

On Monday, March 16, 2020, 11:16:15 AM EDT, sandjlevine@... <sandjlevine@...> wrote:

Hi all; new member, I know nothing.

That said, I just received my v6, and anxiously opened the box.  Nice, semi accurate build listing, lots of shiny parts, no instructions NO INSTRUCTIONS?

Regroup: cabinet, two PCBs, bag 'o hardware, 14 random colorful unmarked untinned wires, and NO INSTRUCTIONS.

Is India punking me again?

Can anybody on this group point me to a build sheet(s), preferably illustrated, for this new HAM?  I would be VERY grateful.

Thanks so much & 73's,

Steve, KC1ASO

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Jack, W8TEE

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