Re: Antenna Question #antennas #v3



there is a bit of 'science' to feeding an effective antenna, particularly if coax is involved.  as well as Gordon's query regarding metal on the roof (but if there is maybe you can be much more than about 5 feet away). 

you can buy or construct an end-few halfwave.  myantennas has some, but since you only need around 10 watts for the ubitx - you may look at various sources including qrpguys.  (i see they have a matching unit kit for $20 that I think should work even if you are limited to a 40m size (around 65 feet length).  i mention them as ordering one ferrite toroid can be a challenge - note their shipping cost around $6 might tempt you to order a couple things at once). 

do network with the gang to implement an effective antenna.  glad your new friends are using your fun for a break in the monotony.  keep everyone safe.

73 curt

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