Thank you

Christopher Miller

I hope this works, this is my first attempt to post. I received my bitx v3 yesterday and took a long time before connecting it to power because I didn’t want to smoke anything. With help from the original Elmer whom can be identified if they wish, and another ham cheering me on I had the guts to power on my first uBITx v3. I have tuned to wwv and with my dipole a mess across the floor I can clearly hear it at 10.000 with a half wave 20 meter dipole.

I am over the moon, the case is even the color of the tempo one my dad purchased for my twin and I as kids. I want to thank the community at large and the ham that sent me a rig. I have to find out how to pay it back now.

Hams are the best.

Chris KF4FTR

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