Re: Transmit Output Power (CW) #v5

_Dave_ AD0B

If you have a decent amp meter you can adjust RV2 and RV3. Don't try and set them by ear. Review. the procedure on line. All three RV adjusters adjust the final power out be it ditties or voice.  I got one unit that was weak on transmit and turning up RV1 brought it up to spec.

I have a spread sheet that has the approximate RF voltage at each transmitter stage as collected by my 30 year old scope. You would want an oscope to compare. Basically you see that each transformer decreases the voltage substantially but the 3 transistor array more than makes up and by the time it is to the next  transformer it is stronger than it was when it entered the prior stage. 

Personally I would not want to do a two tone test at this point. 
If you have done any modifications you are not in a position to see what if any difference they are making. Best return to stock to make that as good as possible. 

If yours is a v5 it should have the improved transistors in it. No? You should verify. 

I looked through this post and was not sure of the model version. 

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