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Wayne Leake

 You can use small gauge electric fence wire. Sold at feed stores such as "Tractor Supply".
 While not as good as copper, aluminum or copperweld, it can work well enough. I forget the price but if comes in very long spools.
 I know a ham that loaded a former electric fence for an antenna.
 Hamsticks are an option, but there is another make, Lake, I think, that HRO sold.
 I have a set of 5 that I bought from them, with a set of bayonet mounts, one stud and 5 that thread onto the whip base. 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10
 The 10 can be adjusted for 12.
 I also have a 6 meter Hamstick, and I bought a magnet mount that has 4 large magnets. Tricky to get onto the roof of a vehicle, a bit trickier to remove. I need to get it off the roof of the house and clean up the magnets. I used it on two different vehicles, and put it on the metal roof on the house with the 6 meter antenna.
 Note, for 6, you can adjust a 5 foot CB whip for 6. Great if you want to work 6 mobile, as a 1/4 wave whip would be about 56 inches.
 BTW, I worked a couple of Mexican hams on 6, that were around the West Coast of Mexico.
 Plus several eastern states.
 I am around 30 miles from Ft Stockton TX, and had some nice openings on 6.
 When I first got the mobile whip set, I set one up on 20, I think it was, at night up in WA, and worked Sweden, Russia and Finland that night.
 In another place, I set up a 75 meter dipole, with ends going around trees so the ends were pointing at each other. Small lot in a mobile home park. Did what I could to be on the air.
 Improvise as you can.
 Use small cheap wire for dipole. 
 Don't need much with QRP rigs.
 They also sell a small tuner kit for an end fed QRP antenna. I have the kit, but have yet to build it.
 I plan a 40 meter dipole, with, maybe, 20 meter legs. Can use some stranded copper I have, if I don't need to use it to repair my 160/75 dipole.
 One end of the 160 was fastened with poly rope that broke, and a helpful person pulled the wire out of the insulator up on a high pole. Trying to figure out how to get that part down, to redo it.
 Main thing is, figure out what you can do, and DO it.

 Wayne WA2YNE

On Wed, Mar 11, 2020, 4:04 PM iz oos <and2oosiz2@...> wrote:

Maybe a tuner with included an artificial ground. At HF I think you could use the cheapest green steel wire for gardening.

Il 11/mar/2020 21:10, "Mark - N7EKU" <n7eku@...> ha scritto:
Hi Chris,

Of course you can run it inside and zigzaging is no big deal.  Just try to keep the angles less than 90 degrees.

But, listening would be a lot more pleasant with the antenna outside; farther away from all the electronic noise makers inside the apartment.  An option would be an endfed antenna.  It could start at a window or balcony and the end could just be tossed over a tree.  MyAntennas makes some good ones, or you can check out AA5TB's website and make your own.  With the antenna starting on the 3rd floor and the end up in a tree somewere, there would be little chance I think for theives to get at it.



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