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If you have a balcony you might be able to get away with using HAMstick radiators (ie a different one for each band). I used to use a modified CB mag mount antenna on 15 M back when solar prop was a bit better and was able to work many missionary stations in South America from Canada with that. The metal guard rail on balcony served as ground plane. It was one of those 3 section CB antennas with a base section radiator, then a carbon composite/center loading device, then top radiator. I removed top radiator and replaced it with a full replacement uncut 60" VHF stainless whip. AA-30 showed resonant mid 15 M band so worked well for me. I suspect one could change the feedpoing radiator mount to a threaded one that would accept the hamsticks so one could have access to more bands as well. Over time I have collected the complete set from 80 thru to 10 M as well as a cut down CB fiberglas whip to work on 6 M. I use them for HF mobile don't see why it would not work on a mag mount on a balcony rail also. Probably have to stick to 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12 &10 M because ground plane restricted by rail length I used a manual MFJ ant tuner also with them.  They arent super expensive either and one could likelyhave good success with just a 40/30/20 & 10 to begin with as 40 would likely serve for 15M as it is 3rd multiple of 40 M freqs. I think MFJ sells the sets and elements now.

On 2020-03-11 12:47 a.m., Christopher Miller wrote:
I was offered a complete V3 from a kind ham. I have a dilemma now that I have a rig.

I have a half wave dipole and I live in an apartment. My landlord said I could hang it outside and run coax in to our apartment, however I live in a bad place where copper wire is going to get gone.

Seeing as I will only be putting out 10 watts I was thinking about just hanging it inside as I wont be pummeling us with radiation constantly. However it doesn't seem that  we have many long enough straight line distances to string the dipole up. 

My question is this, what will happen if it bends at all? I am going to try and make it straight across from one room to the other with minimal deflection but again, I am in a small space and I dont want my nice dipole stolen.

Chris KF4FTR

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