Re: Antenna Question #antennas #v3

Tom, wb6b

Too bad you live in a place where wire will be stolen. 

The big issue I has when I used my deck railing to support a stealth antenna was all the noise from the electronics in my house. A Gell cell battery charger and the power supply for my cable modem were the worse sources of loud nose that overpower all by the strongest received signals. I got rid of the Gell cell charging arrangement and was able to fold an aluminum "mini muffin" pan around the cable modem power supply. Then I experiment with the best ground location. That turned out to be the ground at the connect where the CATV cable attached to the modem. 

So an antenna in your apartment may compromise your receiving ability. 

I was able to just use lengths of speaker wire. Fairly thin, maybe 22 or 24 gauge, with the two wires connected in parallel for each length of the antenna. Would it be possible to run an antenna with thin wire that would look like it wasn't worth the time and effort to steal be a possibility? Of course, calling attending to something that may be in your apartment could be another issue.

In my case I just wanted the antenna to be somewhat stealth, so no complaints from neighbors about imaginary TV signal issues, and the low cost of the speaker wire was nice, also. But I didn't have to worry about the antenna being stolen. 

I'm sure there will be many suggestions on antenna solutions, here.

Tom, wb6b

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