Re: Need Raduino for bitx 40 #bitx40 #radiuno

Gordon Gibby

I think you have to recognize that this is somewhat like asking someone to sell you their intermediate frequency amplifier, or, perhaps the fuel injector out of their automobile.  

This is not the same as asking someone to sell you an aftermarket spray can of matching color.  This is an Integral  part of the entire device, and the entire device is a kit.    So one might reasonably expect to have to do a bit of work to replace a portion of a kit that had gone bad, if the manufacture no longer stocks that fuel injector!

I provided you with information on how you could build your own, and I suspect there are other possibilities offered if you look around, but the rest is somewhat up to you.  You’ve had and offer of the entire automobile, which is quite reasonable, but no one yet is offering to rip the fuel injector out of their working vehicle to help you.   They may have course and that’s their business.   

I think you’ll benefit more if you take the time to understand how all this works,  which is one of the goals of 97.1

On Mar 10, 2020, at 09:14, kf4mot@... wrote:

I have a couple complete bitx40's I'm willing to sell. Then you'd have the problem of a leftover main board though :)


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