Re: Need Raduino for bitx 40 #bitx40 #radiuno

Jason Pirok

Been googling for weeks. There's some unknown guy selling a clone on Ebay, I don't trust that. Ashar Farhan's site doesn't sell the original Raduino, They just have the new LCD one that will not fit the case I have. W0EB is not selling them anymore. I don't have the facilities to do much building right now, so my options are, a kit (I haven't found one) or fully assembled. If anyone can respond with a link to one of those two I would appreciate it (even if I have to buy the components individually.)

On Tue, Mar 10, 2020 at 7:06 AM Gordon Gibby <docvacuumtubes@...> wrote:
You can build your own, or there are multiple compatible systems for sale.  Here's a version I created for my own uses   Google a bit and youll find competitive products that will meet your need.  


On Sat, Mar 7, 2020 at 7:03 PM Jason Pirok <jason.pirok@...> wrote:
Wow. Nobody with one of these for sale? I don't want it for free. Who has one they can part with?

Jason Pirok

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