Re: uBitX v6 arrived today - information I found while waiting.

Joe Puma

For my V3 I got the signal from a cap right before the roofing filter. I didn’t use uBitx if adapter mode. I just went to IF frequency of filter 45mhz and my signals were there.  


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I used the 50 mhz tap board -

Figuring things out was a little complicated as Iain’s article about how he did it was very informative, but didn’t provide all the details about what he was doing in the Raduino software.  He made things simple but the major shortcoming is the narrow bandwidth of the second IF since he taps it after the filter.  In his Raduino code, when you select SDR, it switches the second IF frequency from 11.059 mhz to the value set through uBitx Manager (he suggests 30 mhz) and mutes the audio on the uBitx (since there will be a few milliseconds offset between the rig and the SDR software).  He suggests a 30 mhz to get into range for the $20 RTL-SDR dongle.  Then you set the same offset in the SDR software so that OmniRig keeps the display in sync. 


When you tap the first IF, the bandwidth limitation is no longer an issue.  I picked up the signal across R16, and got the voltage for the tap board in the same vicinity off the collector of Q12.  I’m using SDR-Radio Console, its External Radio plug-in, and OmniRig as Iain suggested.  In External Radio, I set the IF frequency to 45.002 mhz but also had to check the setting to invert the spectrum to make things coordinate in the same direction. 


I hope this helps.  Good luck.





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