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Juha Lindfors

Hi David,

Look for Reed's code in Github. I'm answering with phone now but can look at the link after a while.

Juha oh8cw

su 1. maaliskuuta 2020 klo 8.05 David R. Hassall WA5DJJ <dhassall@...> kirjoitti:

Dear Members,


I am getting back in the game with a new all band Ubitx v6.   In preparation of trying to put a NX display on it, I was learning how to download and program a Arduino NANO and see if it would work.   I bought some identical (I think) Arduinos from Amazon and after giving them an Alcohol bath to make sure they didn’t have the Corona virus on them.  I soldered the pin on the to match the existing Nano in the Ubitx.   The downloading and setting up the Arduino IDE went well thanks to Farhan’s Video.  In the tools my NANO’S would only program somewhat correctly when I used the ATMEGA 328P (old bootloader) option.  The other thing is that my programmed NANO’s would not allow me to select anything on the touch screen.

I did a visual scan of the chips, pin numbers, and resistors and the boards look to be identical.  Just as a check, I assembled a second board and programmed it and got the exact same results.   I am using Arduino version 1.8.12 IDE.  So, I am at a

Crossroads on what to do next.   I tried to find another version of the software and saw messages that said version 6.3.1 but it wasn’t on the Git Hub location that I could find. 


So my questions are:

Am I the only one that noticed this “feature”? 

Is there another working version of the V6 software somewhere that I can download and try again?

Is the software on the Git Hub site been checked lately.

Is there some other troubleshooting I can do?


I am glad I  kept my original Arduino intact with version 6.1 software on it and use other processors  to learn with. 


Any suggestions welcome.  I really like the sound of the radio.  It will be an asset to my learning and showing others that things like this are possible with perserverence and learning new skills.


Take care and have fun.

73 Dave Hassall WA5DJJ  Las Cruces, New Mexico




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