Re: New to BITX,simple questions

Evan Hand

The short answer is no, unless the discone you have can work down to 28 MHz, as that is the hugest band  that the ubitx can operate on.

Note:  You do need an amateur radio license for this radio, and to use it on SSB (for a USA licensee) a general class or better is required on all bands below 28 MHz. A technician class could use it on the 10 meter segment that allows SSB, or for the CW Morse code portions of the bands. However, this transceiver is not the best for CW.  There are other rigs that are focused on CW that can be both cheaper and more functional for CW (The QRPLabs QCX series come to mind).

So the steps I would recommend depends on your preference.  all starts with studying for the exame for the type of operation that you want to do.
General for Phone/SSB
Technician for CW and VHF/UHF operation

Then picking a rig based on mode of operation
plan the antenna Including the needed room for an antenna
pass the examine
order the rig and parts/kits for the auxiliary equipment and antenna.
I would include a dummy load as on of the pieces of test gear, as well as a low power SWR/Power meter, and at least a digital multi meter.

The QRPLab sight as well as the QRP kits

Hope this helps.

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