Triumvirate Skonk Worx (TSW) updated Teensy 4.0 to NANO adapter #ubitx #v6

Jim Sheldon

Since the latest TSW software (TSW_T4_V1.05) has a Real Time Clock feature, we revised the T4-NANO adapter to make it easier to connect a backup battery (included in the revised kit) so the RTC becomes almost set & forget.  You set it one time and even after removing rig power, the RTC continues to keep time due to the backup battery. 

Due to some extra parts now included with the kit plus the fact that USPS has recently increased postal rates, we have had to increase the price of the T4-NANO adapter kit from $10 to $12 USD post paid in the US and possessions.
NOTE: The adapter does NOT come with a Teensy 4.0 as that must be obtained from or one of their distributors.

The cost of international postage would run anywhere from $13.75 to $15 USD to ship this kit so it just isn't practical to ship it internationally unless the recipient would be willing to add that postage to the $12 price of the kit.  This can be done but we hate to charge more for shipping than the cost of the kit originally so we will handle international kit orders on a case by case basis.  It can be shipped but will be expensive due to the high cost of postage these days.

Information on the kit and our other kit (the V6 Raduino Clone) is available on TSW's website, and all pertinent documentation for the kits is also available for download in PDF format on the website.

For those wondering - the TSW software for the Teensy 4.0 enabled (with the adapter kit) operates properly on CW (transmit is on the indicated frequency and only the receive is offset by the sidetone as with ALL commercial transceivers), an on screen S meter is available if the N8DAH AGC is properly installed, and we have simplified the calibration routines to make them really easy to use.

Jim Sheldon, W0EB
TSW Project Coordinator

Photo shows a completed T4-NANO adapter with a Teensy 4 properly installed in the adapter and the (provided) backup battery also installed.


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