Re: Size and type of USB program cable


Most Arduino Nano boards use a USB mini receptacle, so that is the receptacle on the uBITx v6 chassis. note: Auduino Nanos are now available with micro USB and USB C connectors.
You will need a USB A to mini USB adapter cable, available at most derpartment stores.
Mini USB is obsolete. It was quickly superceded by the slimmer micro USB,
Micro USB is what you see on the majority of Android phones and notebook computers today.
Micro USB has recently been superceded by the USB C connector. 
USB C has twice as many contacts and an oval shell,
so it does not matter which way is up and is less prone to damage than the micro USB.
USB C is also designed to handle 20 Amperes at 5 Volts.
New devices will use USB C, like the Raspberry Pi 4 and nanoVNA.
Micro USB to Type C adapters are inexpensive 
A micro USB connector has a fifth contact, used to determine host or device role.
A USB "On the Go" (OTG) adapter can turn a USB device to a USB host
Note that the Teensy 4.0 micro upgrade for the uBITx v6 has a micro USB connector. 
I recently bought a digi card for my uBITX v6 that has a USB B chassis receptacle.
To support experimenting, buy a set of USB connector adapters. 

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