Re: new V6 owner with a few basic questions on wiring and software #v6



I tried to upload the new firmware but following Ashhar's video does not seem to work for the board supplied in the unit.

I did successfully upload the sketch to another Arduino I had but that one has the male pins on the opposite side of the board and has female on the side that would plug onto the Raduino so I can't use it...

Following his video, I see in his tools drop down "Programmer: Arduino Gemma", yet I do not have that option. No other option works, and I always get an error that it cannot communicate with Programmer Ar--something or other.  I am not super familiar with all the terms, but it seems the Arduino IDE cannot communicate with the board MAYBE because it needs a Bootloader installed??? this from searching their help section. I hate to burn a bootloader to the stock unit without knowing if it will work, or erase the program or what. Maybe he burned these with a bootloader not included or compatible with the Arduino IDE?

anyhow, I did get the unit fired up this morning but have a screech coming from the speaker until you turn the volume at least half way up then it goes away. Unfortunately, even at full volume it is barely audible unless you put your ear within inches of the speaker.

I will try a different power supply and speaker and see how it goes.

Anyone else have problems using the IDE to communicate with the board? (I tried 6 different cables, don't think it's that as it does ID the board, port works, etc.)

Thanks again!!

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