new V6 owner with a few basic questions on wiring and software #v6


Hi, new owner and just received my uBitx V6 unit yesterday.

I have a few questions as most of the information is for the older versions.

1. power supply: Do I need to add a diode to the board for reverse polarity protection or is there already one on the board since the power receptacle is already surface mounted? (assume I do need to add an inline fuse, i'm using a 3amp 12v wall wart from a hard drive enclosure but have other supply options--but the wall wart already has the correct wired plug end so it's quicker).

2. speaker: I assumed the included baofeng mic would double as the speaker (like it does on the UV5R HT's) but it appears to have the 2nd jack removed and rewired for mic only. I have an 8 ohm 2 or 3 inch speaker from a radio or something I salvaged I plan to use, is that too much speaker? or would I be better off using one half of a pair of amplified computer speakers/

3. Software: I see a lot of reference to replacement firmware. not sure which one to use; it appears CEC_V1.200 is the latest? if so, not sure which version in the zip file I should use for the stock V6 display--is it the Nextion version or one of the others?

I have several Arduino Nano's, I will likely just program one with the new firmware and pull the original for safe keeping. i've only uploaded code from the Arduino compiler, but the other is HEX, I assume there is there a guide to uploading the HEX?

Thanks for any input, i'm looking forward to playing around with this over the next few days.

oh one last thing, is it normal the volume control doesn't stick out far enough to use the nut on the threads? since it is mounted on the board with the end of the threads flush with the display (ie. it is set back from the edge a good 1/8") there is no way to fit the nut on the face plate...

Thanks again,

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