RX #V6 quits working when ant coax braid is connected #v6

Andy_501 <andrew.webb.501.ve4per@...>

I finished setting up the rig and moved it into the shack to put it on full blown antenna expecting some better signals that the minor few available from the temp mag mount HF vert on metal deep freeze lid conterpoise.

When center conductor is inserted 60-80 % inserted signals are evident and AM broadcast stations within 100 mi are easily received and BFO calibration can be adjusted properly. But as soon as the connector is fully inserted in antenna and ground braid makes solid connection signals disappear on all bands and there seems to be a flicker in the display. On a couple of occasions the display completely blanks and goes white. Power off reset then restores display but not the signals until coax outer conductor is disconnected. Seems like some sort of ground loop almost connecting through the input????

Any pointers??


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