Re: TSW Teensy 4.0 software with RTC Now available #ubitx #v6


Hi Jim,

Loaded up TSW ver 1.05 last week and everything seems to work just fine. I do like the RTC feature as well. I went to the local industrial hardware store to get some sanding belts and while standing at the checkout they had a display of batteries and had the 2032 coin cells in a 2 pack for $2.39. Heck, couldn’t pass that up so bought them also.


Turned out a quick battery holder in a couple of hours, had to think up a design first.  Using a scrap piece of 3/8” thick aluminum plate on a miniature face plate made a cavity that was about .025” larger than the coin cell. A little 3mm tapping in the dead center allowed the holder to be screwed onto one of the existing display mounting studs for the ground connection.   A small of Kydex plastic .250” wide and .125” thick made a nice holder strap. A 4-40 brass screw with the head sanded to a flat surface in the center made the + contact to the cell.  Soldered a single terminal post to the V-Bat connection and used a short wire soldered to the brass positive contact. Had to insulate the positive cell case with some electrical tape. Viola, life is good.


I’ve noticed that the RTC keeps excellent time +- 1 second after connecting the battery.  Even off for 24 hours the time is within a second. Now if there were just a way of setting it accurately other than trying to the enter button at the right time when listening to WWV or my computer clock.




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