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Jack, W8TEE


From what I can see, these should work fine. However, I'm starting to move away from encoder switches, as most of the stuff I build it QRP-oriented and small. As a result, the project doesn't have much mass, and I find that pressing an encoder switch requires me to hold the unit with the other hand to activate the switch, even with non-skid feet in place. I find myself using NO push button switches now, since they don't require as much force to activate. Just sayin'...

Jack, W8TEE

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I only have a little MiniDSO 4 channel. It's this one here: 
Not an electronics guru. I don't use my little scoped that often so I'm not great with it, but I checked it with the DSO. I was getting very bouncy readings on one side of it. It was very random. The other I was getting a regular dip to zero as I turned the dial. So I'm guessing the encoder is bad. 

Encoders look like they're cheap so I was thinking of ordering this pair of them from eBay:
Will that one I linked work? If so I'll go ahead and order as soon as I hear back from you if that's the correct kind to get. One of the pictures in the auction listing shows a diagram with resistors in it. I'm assuming this is what you were talking about there. 

I have several other Nanos, but they already have have headers soldered on the wrong side of the board. I'll have to get some more without the headers soldered on and solder headers on them. I'm really not the greatest at desoldering things, especially long rows of headers. 


My case isn't grounded right now. It's actually 6 seperate pieces of metal, so it will take me some work to get it all grounded well. This is the case I have:
The black part in my pictures (white if you look at the Amazon listing) is actually plastic. The front metal panel sits in the plastic. Same for the rear panel. The two plastic pieces on the ends are bolts to the bottom metal pan, and there are two metal rails at the top on each side. Then the metal cover that goes over the top and sides. It was blue and white like in the pictures on Amazon. I painted the plastic black and the metal pieces green. 
I did put some star washers on each side of the volume pot and encoder to help it cut into the metal a bit. I'll have to figure out some ground straps or something to ground the different chassis pieces together. 


Jack, W8TEE

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