Re: Any interest in uBITX Net

Gordon Gibby

You guys might want to get to know J. S. 8

On Feb 23, 2020, at 20:43, Evan Hand <elhandjr@...> wrote:

Thank-you all for the information.  I am sure you are hearing the IC-7300 running 100 watts.  Not the real test we are trying to do.

I could hear others calling John (KO4BSW), but could not hear John at all.  I am sure there is an issue with my location and antenna in my attic.  I live in an HOA controlled neighborhood and cannot put up a decent antenna.  Even so, I have so much QRN and QRM that it would still be an issue.

The best connections I have had with the uBitx have been on 20 meters.  Seems that during the time that most of the noise is down is during the day, and 40 meters does not seem to propigate well using my antenna.

We can try again next Sunday.  I will also try to monitor at 3 Eastern during the week, though that will be spotty as I have a number of doctor visits and errands coming up.

Let me know of someone would like to try 20 meters.  Time and frequency.


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