Re: Anyone used the ELEKITSORPARTS digital interface board? Opionons? #ubitx #digital


I wanted to keep space on the back to mount a 45mm fan, so i mounted my digi interface near the top, using 5/8 inch threaded stand-off posts.  My uBITx v6 kit came with a wired plug for the AUDIO1 header, so I soldered this to the digi I/O pads, keeping the microphone and volume hi signals separated and twisted around their grounds.  I did not use the shielded cable in the digi kit.  Windows 10 recognized the PCM2904 codec as a Shure microphone.  I adjusted the Microsoft Control Panel } Sound | Shure microphone | properties for 0 dB gain.  
With the digi RX gain adjusted to 25%, the WSJTX audio indicator is just right at 50% (green).  If RX gain is higher than midway the WSJTX audio indicator goes into the red.  

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