Re: Nextion standard vs advanced displays #2meters #nextion


Just curious as to why you spent money to buy a Nextion when the V6
comes with a color touch display?


On Saturday, February 22, 2020, 4:46:43 PM EST, Bill Howard <wb3v@...> wrote:

I purchased a new nextion 2.8 display model NX3224K028_011.  After loading the GUI into a micro SD card, connecting the display to the radio and applying power, I get the following messsage:
Model does not match
Device Model:

Apparently the GUI was written for the older standard Nextion 2.8 model NX3224T028_011

So, do I have to buy the older version, or is their a newer version of the GUI for the new Nextion display 2.8?
by the way I tried to re-compile the .tft file in Nextion editor and that did not work.
Regards, Bill WB3V

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