Re: winlink error on TX #cat #digital #v4

Don - KM4UDX

Gordon (and team), 

I use a el-cheap-o external sound card dongle (cause my laptop headphone jack was long ago busted by my daughter...gurrrr) hooked up the normal way. 
As I mentioned, all other digital modes trigger the TX just fine. The CAT -based PPT works without a problem on all the other digital apps with the normal setting.

I went back to normal winmore winlink (I tried the radio only just to see what it was, and it didn't matter actually -- got the same error at the same place.)

The winlink error msg is "Timeout in T>R Latency measuremer"

which seems like a normal msg if the uBITX never goes into TX mode...the latency is infinite, hahah. 
I actually don't know that, just uninformed speculation, haha.

Anyway, here are my WXJT-X settings which work with CAT controlled PPT for TXing all day long. Is there something about winlink that the PPT doesn't work the same way as the other digital apps work?  The literature suggests that winlink PPT function works fine over USB CAT control.  I have to assume I am doing something stupid. As that is the case 95% of the time. So I have a lot of history to back me up here. hahah.

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