winlink error on TX #cat #digital #v4

Don - KM4UDX

hello!  Trying to get WINLINK working onmy V4.  Others have done it, so it can be done.  WSJTX/Fldigi all work grand. So I have CAT control working for other apps.  
CEC1.1, V4, stock hardward other than nextion, WIN10, WINLINK Express 1.5.26.

Totally new to WINLINK. 

WINLINK RX and freq change seem to work great with normal external sound dongle. So I think I have audio i/o correct. Freq changes per winlink, so that seems to work. But when it trys to TX, my uBITX ignores the call to TX.  I get this msg.  Below are pics of the status screen, audio, radio, TX and RX stuff...

Where is the error of my ways, of WINLINK gurus???

(and a million thanks as always...)

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