Re: Testing Assistance Request #calibration #ssb #v6



I am thinking that you correctly adjusted the bfo, since you are now receiving nicely. If you go to 20m, select usb, it should also receive well. This is because ubitx does a spectrum flip, there is only one bfo setting really.

40m prop is strange with low solar flux. Your 5 or 10 watts is plenty to reach me in Maryland, but we don't have a path much of the time, and the low power makes it harder to reach across the paths we have in ssb.

20 years hmmm. You should know some cw, we could try that. Or maybe 80m ssb.

Your rig may be fine. I have made some ssb qsos but not doing as well now. I got lucky and my microphone from junkbox works well, that could he another issue. No alc in this rig.


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