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Owen Vinall

Hi Arv Evans,
I'm a complete newbie to Amateur Radio but not electronics Arduino's etc. I have used the same ? level converters in an Usb Rs232 5 volt logic to 3.3 ? logic conversion when uploading code to my Esp8266's. All the Esp' logic pins including Tx and Rx run on 3.3 and are rather intolerant to 5 volts. It's really the 3.3 volt Rx into the Esp that matters. I have flashed / Arduino sketches into Esps at least 100 times with no issues.(I have around 8 Esp's some have their Rx pins fried as I tried using 5 volts. Never trust a Usb to Rs232 if it states 3.3 logic without checking.).
Esp's in CERTAIN areas easily rival Arduino's

Owen Vk5fkov

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Date: 20/2/20 8:49 am (GMT+09:30)
Subject: [BITX20] #I2C Level Converters


I recently purchased a package of these I2C level converters.  Have not tried them yet though.

Anyone out there with experience with these modules?

I got them thinking that they could allow me to do 3.3V  I2C communications without having to modify
my Arduino Nano modules for lower voltage, and thus slower speed.


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