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Yes... the CEC V1.2 has separate settings for SSB and CW. I've
adjusted mine by ear.... to get good sounding SSB I set the BFO so
that the background hiss is a little higher pitched than the CW
setting. I like a cw note around 450-500 Hz so I set the CW BFO so
the background hiss is just above that frequency range. Your mileage
may vary.

I haven't used split yet but have played with the other CEC settings
like Memory Keyer... which I cannot get it to do anything.... I
assumed you could save a message there but without a manual that
describes it I haven't figured it out yet.

The CEC firmware doesn't seem to have the accelerated tuning to change
frequency rapidly but allows the tuning rate to vary between 10, 50,
100, 500 and 1000 Hz. Also, when you do Band Select, it toggles
between the ham bands.

I used the built-in keyer during the contest. It's weight setting,
which can't be changed as far is I know without getting into the
firmware, is a bit off to my taste., but certainly usable.

I am still playing with the rig and new firmware. I was surprised how
easy it was to make contacts in the contest. Worked 71 countries on
20M. The only multipliers heard that I missed was ZL. I didn't hear
VK but worked about 10 JAs on 20M. I was only on for a few hours
Saturday and Sunday.

73, Dan (W3DF)

On 2/18/20, Curt via Groups.Io <> wrote:

my best effort to sort this out --

1. stock firmware has just ONE bfo calibration to make, because CW and SSB
are the same 'mode selection.'  and its the same for LSB/USB because of the
unique spectral flip in the RF chain

2. CEC firmware (I am not there yet ...) perhaps has more BFO calibration -
because it has separate CW and SSB mode setting(?).  I need to ask Dan about
how split works in CEC - he didn't need that in the contest, but I sure 'had
fun' using split to work some of the same stations after the contest.

73 Curt
just a few miles south of Dan BTW

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