TSW Teensy 4.0 software with RTC coming soon #ubitx #v6

Jim Sheldon

To all users of TSW's Teensy4 to NANO adapter and those thinking about getting one, we have successfully gotten the T4's internal real time clock to display the time on the upper left of the screen. We still have a few refinements that we're working on so it isn't ready for prime time just yet.  Right now, you simply touch on the clock display and that brings up a manual setting window.  We hope to have an alternate, more accurate means of setting the clock in the future, such as an attached GPS module or grabbing your computer's time via the USB port.  Maybe even both, with the GPS being an option.  Possibilities here appear to be close to endless.

One of the drawbacks, we are still trying to find a 3V coin cell holder that can be mounted either on the Adapter or the Teensy 4 itself, connected to the Vbat (back up battery) terminal on the Teensy to keep the clock accurate while main power is off. Right now we're having to make up one that's connected by a set of wires and just hung off of it. Mounting it on the adapter or Teensy interferes with the regulator's heat sink on the factory Raduino AND the speaker on the top cover of the factory case.  Not an elegant solution but it is usable for the time being.

We've also added an A>B button that will transfer the frequency in VFO A to VFO B as the basis for easier setup of the SPLIT function. Screen shot shows how the screen looks in our "Beta" test (may change slightly in the coming release version)

We hope to be able to release a usable version within the next few days so watch for it on the website.

Jim Sheldon, W0EB,
TSW Project Coordinator

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