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Gordon Gibby

Aha!   As Allison i think has shown, RANDOM length end feds, with 9:1's perform terribly from a loss standpoint.
To each, their own.


On Tue, Feb 18, 2020 at 6:14 AM Patrick Pelletier <ve9pax@...> wrote:

I believe that antenna is an end fed random length wire antenna.  If it were an end fed half wave, the transformer would be a 49:1...



On Mon, Feb 17, 2020 at 10:36 PM Ken Hansen <ken@...> wrote:
+1 for EFHW if thTs an option.

I'm not a fan of that particular MFJ portable antenna - it's a series of compromises intended for a specific application, mounted on the back of a QRP Radio.

I'd suggest the 17 ft MFJ telescoping antenna, as well as The full-sized MFJ hamsticks, either one as vertical with a collection of ground radials cut to be resonant on the given band, or as a pair in a 'hamstick dipole' configuration.

Each of the above have 3/8" x 24 stud mounts.

If end-fed is an option, consider building the Hawaii EFHW described here:

They offer a kit, but construction is simple.

Ken, N2VIP

On Feb 17, 2020, at 12:27, KB9WOO <kb9woo@...> wrote:

New to the uBITX, kits, HF, and the group.

Looking for something small, easy, and quick just to get on the air so I'm looking at grabbing a MFJ-1820T single band antenna for 20m, which was designed for the FT-817.  This antenna needs a counterpoise and the 817 apparently has a ground screw on the chassis that the counterpoise is connected to.  I thought I'd just use a clip to attach it to the BNC elbow, or I might even use a small tripod instead.

Mostly just wondering if anyone has used one of these MFJ-18xx antennas with the BITX.  There is also the multi-band 1899t.

Mark, kb9woo
Milwaukee, WI uBITX v6

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