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Jack, W8TEE


I agree with Curt. I live on about 3 acres but "someone" (not to be named) says a tower-and-beam are a no-no, so I purchased an EFHW-4010 end-fed from Myantennas. It's not the cheapest EFHW, but it works like a champ. This is a picture of a 7-25MHz scan (horrible picture, but conveys some info) of the antenna:

Inline image

The antenna in the scan was from several years ago and a tornado put it down somewhere in PA (I think). I replaced it with the 80-10M version. I think it does a good job.

Jack, W8TEE

On Monday, February 17, 2020, 3:01:31 PM EST, Curt via Groups.Io <wb8yyy@...> wrote:


let me suggest a plan B -- if you would like to operate on more than one band consider an 'End Fed Half Wave.'  many homebrew references on the web.  also check out QRPGuys here in the US - they have some nice inexpensive EFHW kits. 

'counterpoise' is merely a poor approximation for having many radials.  advantage of the EFHW is that the 'counterpoise' shrinks to being very small, because of the unique physics. 

if you expect to have some space, I strongly recommend the EFHW.  if you are on a ridge etc with no trees - QRPGuys has a cool matching network to use with a 'Squid pole' vertical. 

ham radio is about learning - keep at it !  enjoy your radiations with that new rig ! 

73 Curt wb8yyy

PS - there is a trick to use an EFHW over 80 to 10 meters, by placing a little coil near the feedpoint.  this is described various places on the web. 

Jack, W8TEE

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