Dean Souleles

Dan -

I was surprised that there was a separate BFO calibration  and did much as you did, but yes it means there is a separate BFO calibration for SSB and CW and I am not exactly sure why.   

When I checked with uBitx Manager, the CW BFO calibration had been set 0  and then reviewing the code - when the CEC firmware starts up it see the 0 and sets the CW BFO to a hard coded default value that was about 40 KHz off of where my SSB VFO was so I made them the same - then adjusted to the CW BFO until I got a clean 700 Hz tone while keying another rig transmitting to a dummy load nearby.  I didn't have a scope at the time so I measured the CW tone with an audio analyzer app on my phone.


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