Re: Crystal Filter Simulation #ubitx #filters



I appreciate your interest.  Start with this article, let me know if you have any issues getting it --

These parameters typically are not listed on a datasheet.  The article describes a 4915 kHz crystal - widely used by hams to build CW narrow filters.  Also in some designs varactors are placed between the crystals to allow variable bandwidth, but a caution this also moves the center frequency (so a receiver may use an oscillator after the crystal filter to compensate for this - the K2 does this). 

in practice these parameters have to be measured - and some hams have made simple test equipment to make these measurements - or maybe suitable gear maybe there at your university. 

my email is listed at  glad to dialog further - and maybe I can help you with some crystals for your project.  I can also share that I once worked with some specialists who learned to make these things - they are called bulk acoustic wave - onto a chip - they are inside your cell phone!  I can share other info via email. 

73 Curt wb8yyy

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