Re: Success ... I Think


Congrats! Did flashing a new bootloader do the trick?

Yes - flashing the raduino is exactly the same.

  Well done!

On Thu, Feb 13, 2020 at 02:21 PM, Daniel Flanagan wrote:
Hello All,

Thanks to all who have helped me out here. I think I have it working
now. I have successfully uploaded the stock V5 firmware hex file to
my spare Nano and also the KD8CEC V1.2 hex file using XLoader. I'm
going to have to document this process so I can do it down the road if
needed because I won't remember all the details.

Next I'll try this with my uBITX V5 rig. If there are any differences
using the rig please let me know. I assume all I have to do is plug
into the Nano in my radio and connect it to the computer and upload
the new firmware. After it completes I can then disconnect and turn
the radio on..... correct?

Thanks and Regards,
Dan (

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