V3 CEC 1.1 question

David Wilcox <Djwilcox01@...>

I recently purchased (at HamCation) a uBitX ver 3 upgraded to the CEC ver 1.1 and the 2.8 Nextion screen. It is my first experience with a working uBitX but this one only transmits in straight key mode. When I change the keying mode to IA or IB there is no transmit. The same situation exists when the mode is set to CWL or CWU. I have only transmitted into a dummy load and am getting 12 w out on 40 meters.

I have reviewed Ian’s instructions for both the ver 1.097 and the ver 1.1 but don’t see how to turn on the keyer. I am using a set of paddles. In the straight key mode the left paddle works as a straight key.

Please advise.

Dave K8WPE

David J. Wilcox K8WPE’s iPad

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